Job's Miracle

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Job’s Solo (2008) (MP4 or Windows Media): Job played a thief in the Christmas Program at Bigelow Assembly of God. This is the solo he sang.

“Your Very Best Friend” (Windows Media): Christmas Program 2008 song with Nicole, Brianna Pelham, Lyndsay Rappold, and Shandi Shelton

Job’s Miracle Video 2008 (MP4 or Windows Media): This is a revised version of the original testimonial with updated photos and video clips too. It was created by some friends of ours for a fundraising project, that’s why it has the information at the end. However, I thought it was great and wanted to share it with everyone. Hope you enjoy.

Testimonial (revised 2006): This is a music video/photo slide show that overviews Job's adventures so far.

2005 News Clip (2005): In 2005, we were originally interviewed by a local TV station for a Light the Night promotional. They ended up during a clip for Light the Night and a week or so later, they put together this fantastic news article about Job and leukemia in general.

Fork and Spoon (2002): This was filmed one month before Job was diagnosed with leukemia. It is only about two minutes long, but it is hilarious how both serious and sad he is that he does not have a fork and spoon.

Job's a Rocket (2003): This clip was filmed in January of 2003. We had just returned home a few weeks prior from San Antonio where he had received his bone marrow transplant. He looks quite different than he does today. His hair is just starting to grow back and he is still fat and swollen from the Prednisone. He is talking to his Aunt Tammy Blevans and is explaining to her how he is going to turn in to a real rocket if he doesn't wear his seat belt.

Job playing catch in hall: Filmed May 9, 2007, during Job’s first trip out of his room. We were unable to get a portable vent, so the RT done the best she could to get Job out in the hall for a few minutes. His legs are still very weak and he has to work very hard to play catch with the physical therapists.

VICTORY DANCE: Filmed May 9, 2007, during Job’s first trip out of his room. The physical therapists always want to see Job’s victory dance after he finishes his exercises.

"There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job and that man was perfect and upright and one that feared God and eschewed evil." Job 1:1

"So the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than the beginning...and Job lived to be old and full of days." Job 42:12, 17

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·         Photos posted 06-10-2008 on Caringbridge – Job asleep waiting on his bronch, Nicole and Job with his motorcycle, and Job as Grand Marshall of the Perryville motorcycle rally sitting on a trike.

·         Photos posted 06-21-2008 on Caringbridge – Job riding trike in garden at SLCH; Job and Nicole at zoo (x2)